Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dan Fogelberg

A few years ago my daughter asked me who my favorite musical artist was. I told her I didn't have a favorite, that I like anybody who sings with passion. Then I took a look at my CDs and noticed the name that overwhelming showed up was Dan Fogelberg.

He is on my mind now because last I knew he was struggling with prostate cancer. There is a statement on his official website, but the statement was made last fall and I have heard nothing about his illness since. Recently, however, he put his Colorado home up for sale, fueling a lot of speculation among his many devoted and worried fans.

Dan's music has certainly played a large role in my life. The first full CD I heard of his was Souvenirs. (Actually it was a tape, and I think it was before CDs even existed.) My husband played it for me many many years ago when we were driving to his reserve unit for drill. The beauty in this CD was so palpable that I still remember the night all these years later.

I found one message board where somebody had written that they knew him personally. This person does not like Dan and cannot understand all the grief his fans are going through. He stated that Dan is not a very likeable person. I don't know if this is true or not, never having had the opportunity to meet him. This much I do know: there are a lot of people who are not very nice and who will never make a difference in the lives of others. Dan does. Many of his fans have loved his music for years and found great inspiration in it.

Music has always been my passion, but Dan is the one who showed me that it is vital to the lives of a lot of people. His music has shown me that musicians enhance strangers' lives every day. He gives me the courage to be a musican and to be proud of it.

I am hoping that some of you who read this will be Dan Fogelberg fans. If you are, please feel free to comment. I would especially like comments showing how he has impacted your lives. I know he has meant as much and more to others as he has meant to me.