Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Some people think that God doesn't give us desires we can't fulfill. If this is true, I have something more destined for my life...but I need a little guidance.

What do you do when your longing for something just increases with every passing year, but you still don't know what to do about it?

I ache to make a difference in the world, to have it be a better place because I was here. I've been blessed with a lot of good people in my life. I've seen a lot of beauty. I want to give back.

I've tried elsewhere to describe my burning to be a music performer again. I'm learning guitar (because woodwinds aren't very useful unless you're playing in an orchestra), but that doesn't mean I'll ever find a way to perform again. Playing an instrument just makes the desire grow stronger.

I wanna see miracles
To see the world change

I think of those words from Switchfoot's song 24 a lot. (It's on The Beautiful Letdown CD.) I just don't know what to do about it.

I'm writing a book (due to the publisher in December) about music careers. I know there are other books about that topic and I wouldn't have proposed it to the publisher, but he came to me. I'm glad he did.

The other books are good, but they're basically reference books. Each one has it's own strengths, and all are great for getting ideas you may not have thought of, but they lack the passion that I am putting into my book.

I'm trying to help readers realize that they have to be true to themselves, even (and especially) in their careers. Music can be incredibly powerful, so it's not a field to go into just because you think you can make some money.

The best way to be happy in your career is to do something meaningful. My book will show how each job can contribute to something that impacts others. I want to help readers find a career that doesn't entail giving away their souls.

Maybe I can contribute something to the world through this book. Maybe it will make a difference to somebody.

I'll do my best.