Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Jon Foreman has a way with words, not just in his songs, but in everything he says.

His first solo EP, Fall, was released today. It's a pretty special CD to start with, but I can already tell that it's going to be one of those offerings that gets better each time you listen.

One of the things that draws me to the CD is his consistency. The things he says in interviews and through his blogs show us a lot about his character. His music shows the same consistency.

This is taken from his blog today:

That's my hope for these tunes: that they serve you. Let these songs wash your feet off.

He also posted a bulletin on MySpace that I want to quote:

But on another level the independence bit is only partially true. None of us are fully autonomous. Ever. We need each other, thank God! I'm thankful that I've been given these songs. I'm thankful that many of you have really believed in our music as a band over the years. I'm thankful that God has given me pockets and something to put in em. I'm thankful for my family, for tim, chad, drew, and romey. I guess I'm saying that we're never completely independent. We all need each other.

You could think that this is just PR, saying what he thinks will help sell his music. That could be true, but I doubt it.

I doubt it because I've had the pleasure of meeting him (and the rest of Switchfoot) a few times now, and that's just how they are.

I doubt it because I get unsolicited emails from people. Once they realize you're a fan of Switchfoot, they tell you stories. Jon Foreman has touched people in ways he doesn't even realize.

What makes it even better is that his bandmates are just like him that way. Sometimes I wonder if they have any idea what they do for people.

This blog was intended to highlight those who make the world better by doing things for others without even knowing it. I realize Switchfoot is beginning to appear here fairly frequently. There's a reason for that.

I'll never have the vast influence Switchfoot and Jon Foreman have. I'll never be able to make people think the way they can.

I can contribute, though, through introducing them to others.

That's why you'll be seeing more posts about them here. That's also why you'll see a few comments in my book about them.

I love the music, but even more I love that they have proven you can achieve fame and still keep your values.

I suggest you check out the Fall EP. For now it's available only through downloads, but you can get hard copies in January.

You can purchase it at JonForeman.com

If you like music that makes you think, music that you'll find something different in each time you listen, Fall is a great choice.

I realize I didn't talk much about the songs on the EP. Switchfoot fans, please feel free to post your impressions. Readers who aren't familiar with Switchfoot will beneift.