Monday, September 05, 2005

Musicians Who Mean What They Sing

My title is referring to the Oak Ridge Boys. After seeing them in concert in April, 2005 I went to their website and logged onto their message board. There I found that the "Boys" actually respond to their fans and even post their own thoughts. When they write, it becomes clear that they sing what they believe.

I now own two of their CDs. One is Common Thread, a Gospel CD. The other is called Colors and is filled with patriotic music. I play both of them all the time. Soon I plan to add From the Heart to my collection.

I would give you a link to check their music, but you probably already know you plenty of sites you can head to (though I'd recommend Instead, I want to honor them by sending you to a place that is dear to their hearts. It's This is another great organization assisting Katrina victims.

At some later date I may write more about what the Oaks have meant to me and my family. For now, consider clicking on that link and being a person who makes a difference.

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