Saturday, November 26, 2005

From Suicidal to Successful

My teenage daughter loves the clothing, music, and accessories at Like many teenagers, she also has firsthand experience with school bullies. She is very independent, and this does not go over well with kids who want everyone to conform to their ideas of "cool".

I first read about C28 in Reader's Digest. I was intrigued because of their message of complete acceptance of everyone. I wish that there was a local C28 store because it would be a perfect place for my daughter to work and spend time.

Intrigued by the article, I looked up information on the founder. His name is Aurelio F. Barreto III. He created those Igloo dog houses you see everywhere. He eventually sold the company and walked away a very wealthy man.

But wealth doesn't buy happiness. I don't know what demons possessed him, but he ended up with depression serious enough that he considered suicide. Thankfully he decided against it. Even better, after he made the decision for life, he ended up on a mission to enhance the lives of countless others.

If you want to know more about his story, check out It's also a great place to find quality clothing, music, and accessories. We have bought several items from them and always been pleased. Customer service is also terrific. Lately I had some questions for them and have been corresponding with a gentleman named Justin, who has been exceptionally patient and quick to respond to me.

Aurelio F. Barreto III is a great example of somebody moving from suicidal to having a terrific life. I would love to hear the stories of others who have done this, especially those who have overcome great odds to choose life.

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