Thursday, February 02, 2006

Science Proves A Greater Truth

The February 6th edition of Newsweek included a compelling article about DNA testing called In Our Blood. The author, Claudia Kalb, writes about the ability to use DNA testing to trace family roots and answer the ultimate question of where the human race started.

Reading the article, I learned that there are labs that will take your DNA sample and analyze your heritage. Several examples were given of people surprised by what they found. DNA samplings reveals mixed heritage for virtually everybody. Ms. Kalb did a great job of emphasizing what this all means when she said "The more we discover our differences, the more we find connections."

I hope that this kind of knowledge helps people develop new respect for different cultures. It seems to have made a big difference in the lives of some of the individuals discussed in the article. Maybe this is what we need to start allowing our differences to unite us.

Ms. Kalb states that DNA testing indicates that our common roots are with a male and a female ancestor in Africa. Thinking of common roots for all of us, I realize that science has finally proven what many religions have stated all along: we really are all brothers and sisters.


Patti said...

Just thought I would let you know that I was thinking and praying for you. I love pets, music and books too. Dan Fogelberg is one of my favorites.

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