Sunday, October 08, 2006

Good Charlotte Concert

In my last post I mentioned the Good Charlotte concert we would be attending on October 6. This is a group that constantly talks about the importance of their fans. On October 6 Good Charlotte proved that they mean what they say.

The evening started with a certain amount of frustration. The time and venue of the concert had changed, and nobody was able to tell us when the meet-and-greet was. Ultimately everybody just went to the venue a little early. After doors opened, we were told to stay in an area in the back of the venue. Around 6:00 we were taken to an alley where the meet and greet was held.

Security at the venue was trying to push everybody through as quickly as possible. There was another warm-up band playing, and they wanted us all back in the building before the band started. The good news, though, is they let me in with my daughter and niece. They didn't have to do that.

This is where I started to personally like the band members. I have been reading that some consider them a bit stuck-up. I've read that they only pretend to like their fans. If this is true, they do a pretty good job of acting.

When my niece and daughter went through, both wanted a picture. Despite security, band members obliged them. In fact, my daughter ended up getting a picture with two of them. Another fan got even got a hug after asking for one. The only people complaining was the venue security.

The concert itself was a lot of fun. They played a couple of new songs, but mostly familiar tunes. They like a lot of audience participation, and they got it.

I have to note here that the bass guitar and drumming were both exceptional. I commented to my daughter that the bass guitarist must have a background in electric guitar, and she confirmed he did. As far as the drummer goes, I haven't heard drumming that good for...well, I won't say how long. Let's just say it's been a long, long time.

This is not to say they weren't all great, because they were. It's just that usually the lead singer(s) and guitarists are the musicians of note. Drummers and bass players seem to be less noticeable. In this group, all of them worked well together, and all had their time to shine.

However, as good as the concert was, the best memories for my daughter and niece are of the meet and greet and after the concert. When the music was finished, fans left the building and stood in line outside, hoping for autographs. Band members came out one at a time for autographs and pictures. Billy took time to pose with everybody who asked him. Paul was willing to hug my niece and daughter when they asked. When those two wished him happy birthday, you could see he was surprised and pleased

For those who comment that Good Charlotte members just act like they like their fans because it's good business, they may be right. I'm not one of them and can't get in their heads. However, even if it is a calculated business decision, it certainly gives fans more than their money's worth.

As my daughter and niece continue in their musical careers, they saw a good example of how to treat others. They walked away saying that no matter how tired they are after a concert, they plan to emulate Good Charlotte. They will never forget how to treat their fans.


Robbeh said...

Haha! It's always the security who gets uptight and not enjoy themselves. What a great job to be in, free concerts! Pity they can't... *looks around the shoulder* chillax (my girlfriend hates that 'word')!

It's nice to know that GC aren't stuck up celebs because myself and a few of my friends really dig their music (even if it's all pretend and just good customer service).

Take care!

Raivyn said...

Sounds like you had a good time. It's always the security getting in the way of things, but they're just doing their jobs.

And all in all, the majority of musicians love their fans, because they would be nothing without them. I know that firsthand. A lot of people say they don't just as a way to get publicity.