Monday, October 30, 2006

Switchfoot Fallout

I still can't talk coherently about the concert after four days. The best way I can express it is to say that I continue to have what some Switchfoot fans call a "concert hangover." I need to go to another concert, and today wouldn't be too soon.

During the concert I found myself thinking, who are these guys? This was a night well beyond all my expectations, and my expectations were pretty high.

I promised in my last post to tell you about the meet-and-greet. After the concert we waited around awhile at the venue. Eventually all those with passes were gathered into one area, and the rest of the fans were asked to leave.

My smile started to grow at this point, knowing we'd be meeting the guys who had just given us such an indescribable night.

I was talking to my daughter and happened to look up in time to see the drummer, Chad, and the keyboardist/guitarist, Jerome, coming towards us. They walked up to us and introduced themselves in such a humble manner, as though we wouldn't know who they were. Then they really made my day; they both mentioned that they had noticed my daughter during the concert. They pointed to the spot on the balcony where she had been standing. This was so much more than she expected.

But wait, it gets better. The next person we met was Jon, the lead singer. He also said words to the effect of "yeah, I remember you, you were standing right there" and pointed to where my daughter had been standing.

I think she's still floating. Three of the five band members noticed her during the concert.

Ultimately we met all five. They gave autographs and allowed pictures. Every one of them came across as the type of people anybody would love to have as friends.

Somebody asked me if I lost my ability to speak when I met them. Unfortunately, I didn't. Instead I was a babbling fool. Thankfully, they're probably used to people like that.

After we left the building I saw Jon walk out. He passed some people who had their backs to him, said "hi", and kept walking. The fans he had just passed turned to look, and you could see by their expressions what they were thinking.

Jon was grinning. He knew he'd just made somebody's night.

This blog is about people who make a difference. I want to once more thank Katherine from Foot Soldiers Headquarters for allowing the meet-and-greet. Thanks to her, a memorable night was made even more memorable.

As for Switchfoot, I think the best way to thank them will be to talk about some of their causes in future blogs.

There's one more thing I can do for them. I can try to make the lives of others better the way they made mine better.


Jeff said...

A Switchfoot concert is where my wife and I first clicked. We had gone on about three dates. This was the fourth. And we were about to call it quits. But Switchfoot got us together! :) Happily married for almost a year now.

Proud Mom of Teen said...

Awww...that's pretty cool. I love it when musicians make a difference on our lives.

Cristina Irizarry said...

I am so glad to have found another Switchfoot fan. Switchfoot has definatly helped me get through some tough times. Even though I`ve been a Christian for about 4 years, Switchfoot was God`s way of getting me back to Him. Of remembering that this world is not my home, and that I am loved and special. It`s amazing what one can get out of a song. Switchfoot has changed my life in many ways. The help me to become more like the person God created me to be. They also help me to not feel so weird (because I think much like they do!). Anyway, thank you for your comment on my blog. I am always open to guest writers, I would be happy for you to be one of them. Let me know okay?