Friday, October 27, 2006


This seems to be the year for meet-and-greets. On Monday I received word that we'd won a meet-and-greet for a Switchfoot concert in Minneapolis. We won the tickets through a contest sponsored by Artist Arena.

I want to publicly thank Katherine from Foot Soldiers Headquarters for allowing this honor.

I also want to thank Switchfoot for a memorable evening. I can't write much about it yet because I can't do justice in words to the incredible night we had.

What I can say, though, is that if you have the opportunity to see Switchfoot in concert, don't even think of missing it. I love their CDs (which is obvious, it's the only reason we'd drive that far for a concert) but their live performance put the CDs to shame.

My daughter is 14 and I'm ... well, I'm not considered young anymore, but both of us thought this was the best concert we'd ever been to. It's now 24 hours later and we're still in awe, still basking in the glow.

After the concert I found that these guys are incredibly down-to-earth. I'll write more about that later, too.

My words, when I find them, are going to be completely inadequate.


Robbeh said...

Golly you go to a lot of good concerts! But then again, America has a lot of great bands. :P
I am so out of the music scene.


Proud Mom of Teen said...

Actually, it's been a long time since we've been to concerts. A lot of singers just don't tour enough, and nobody comes close to our home. We have to drive a minimum of three hours to see anybody (sigh).

But with my daughter planning on making this her life, it's time to go to as many as we can. She's already learned a lot from it.